Bialetti moka maker

Bialetti Moka Express was already created in 1933 by Alonso Bialetti. This popular Italian coffee maker from the Italian brand Bialetti, found in most Italian kitchens, has also become popular and very appreciated around the world. With a Bialetti mocha maker it is easy to make espresso at home, a good mocha coffee, like the coffee you get from professional espresso makers. The coffee from your moka maker is a good basis for a cappuccino, caffè americano, caffè latte, caffè macchiato and espresso shot caffeine.

Bialetti – creativity and inspiration with a passion for coffee

In addition to traditional Bialetti moka makers, Bialetti have also developed moka makers for induction. With the Bialetti Induction Plate, you can use your espresso machine on an induction stove. In Bialetti's range, you will also find the nicely designed Bialetti Venus moka maker, milk frother, espresso cups, various espresso accessories and more.

What is espresso

Espresso is a strong and rich coffee that is covered by a foam, called crema. A pure espresso, which in Italy is simply called caffè, is drunk in small quantities. It is also the basis for many other popular coffee drinks.

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